Hartley (Haicheng) Magnesite Company Limited is inside the high-purity magnesite sinter factory of Haicheng Magnesite Refractory General Factory in Pailou Town Haicheng City, with the surface area of 320,000 square meters. The company is located at a place where 17km to the southeast of Haicheng city, about 300km away from Dalian port and 100km from Yingkou port. It possesses its standard railway route which joins the national railway line from Beijing to Shenyang and Haicheng Xiuyan highway through the mining area. The products can be through to the ports of Dalian, Yingkou and Bayuquan by these convenient communications of communication and then exported directly abroad.

  Be canvassed business and introduce capital by Anshan people's government in 2006. Hartley-HengYe Investment Holding Company Limited and Haicheng Magnesite Refractory General Factory invested capital together. It¨s inside the high-purity magnesite factory of Haicheng Magnesite Refractory General Factory, which the reserves are most and the qualities are the best in the world. The joint venture sets up Hartley (Haicheng) Magnesite Company Limited.

  The company¨s registered capital is USD 12,000,000; the total investment amount is USD 25,000,000.

  Our company owns modern management means and perfect quality guarantee system, strong funds and technique strength, advanced craft level, the employees are practiced in technique, and equipments are excellent. It already has 65 professional employees in product design and technique development.

  The company introduces advanced principle in management and administer continuously, keeping in "the quality fist, the trustworthiness first, the customer first", concentrating on product development, produce sale and customer to become stronger and better in its own way.

  The product items are: magnesite, caustic calcined magnesite, canstic calcined magnesite ball, high-purity magnesite sinter, middle-grade magnesite sinter, specitication of electro-fused magnesia sinter, large crystal electro-fused magnesia sinter, electro-fused magnesia chrome sinter, magnesite bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks, material of spraying and patching, magnesia cement, magnesia ramming material for electric furnace bottom , magnesian daubing materials for coating and so on.

  The main equipments are: electro-fused magnesite stove, suspend stove, super high temperature calcinging in oil and supporting system, stepped-up and high-pressure ball pulverizer of exceeding crocus and some other advanced equipment, It can produce MgO−97.5, B,D 3.35g/cm3 high-purity high physical volume density magnesite sinter and big-crystal electro-fused magnesite sinter.

  The company¨s development targets are: accelerating South Liaoning region magnesium products profession to lift file to get stripe, establishing upscale fire-proof material industry to gather a cluster, setting up a green, environmental protection, economizing on energy, and the modern civilization business enterprise of diapason type, making a larger contribution for the social and economic development.